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Automotive/Engineering Recruitment

Niche technical recruitment in the automotive/engineering sector is becoming increasingly difficult: there is a shortage of young engineers with suitable skill-sets coming through and many senior engineers have left the trade during the down-turn. This has resulted in the ideal candidate being extremely difficult to find and the competition for talent is fierce.

As a client, finding the candidate who is a perfect fit is becoming increasingly difficult. New engineers coming in to the industry are hard to locate and the sheer number of people advertising makes it hard to attract the right candidate. When it comes to finding an experienced engineer it is even harder: just how do you find someone who knows your industry, and has the relevant, proven experience? Most candidates like this are snapped up without ever really coming on to the market place.

Robert Alan Partnership are a specialist recruitment consultancy with years of experience in the automotive/engineering sector: we know who are producing the right graduates/apprentices, and through our extensive database and reputation in the industry we KNOW who might be looking for a new challenge.

Without being able to call upon knowledge and expertise in specialist recruitment, it can be a costly, time-consuming and painful process.

We have filled several roles where clients have almost given up after using traditional recruitment measures, we have been successful where others have failed by using our industry knowledge and years of experience in this field to identify the right candidate.

Finding those few outstanding candidates left has become a challenge requiring all the latest tools available to recruiters, which we possess, but more than that, the ability to connect to the client and really understand the technical requirements and skill sets needed as well as the type of person they are looking for.

As a candidate you know there are good jobs out there, but how do you find them? Many jobs come straight through specialist recruitment consultants like ourselves. Many jobs are never even advertised.

With contacts in many of the leading manufacturing companies, and director level experience of the automotive/engineering industry, not only will we have many opportunities you might like to consider, but we also have the experience to KNOW what jobs are right for you: the ones that offer you a challenge and an opportunity to further your career.

Our success in the field comes from our finding the right candidate for the right job. That is why our clients trust us. Unlike some agencies, we do not just throw some vacancies at you, take the money and run! We will promote you with the right companies who have vacancies which match your skill-set and job requirements. Because of our success in placing the right candidates, we have exclusive agreements with several manufacturers.

As the economic situation continues to brighten our clients are beginning to recruit again and are very interested in investing in the best people…

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